Tuesday, February 17, 2009

We Made It

We made it!! The flight was so long but not too bad. Shannon did really good for it being his first plane ride, didn't get sick or anything! We boarded the plane at 7am and arrived in Phoenix, AZ 5 hours later, then jumped on a plane to Santa Barbara, then drove for an hour to Lompoc. It was about an 9/10 hour total journey. We are in Lompoc for Shannon's training.

Today I was pretty bored in the hotel all day but tomorrow my friend Heather (who moved here last year) is picking me up and we have a fun filled day! I am SO happy to be able to see her and and her new baby! God is so kind to put us in the same area. Its weird getting used to the time change. Right now its 7pm but my brain and body says its 10pm.

It is so incredibly beautiful here. I cant get over it! Heather told me I will see more beautiful places tomorrow, cant wait! I will try to post more tomorrow.


My Favorite Things said...

What pretty pics!! Looks wayyy different than FL thats for sure! You look really cute in that hat, too. Have a great time with Heather today!

CountryGal said...

Hope you guys had fun!!! I'm really jealous. The pics are beautiful. Make sure you post more of them! ;) Love and miss you, darlin'!