Friday, January 16, 2009


OK... so I know its been a really long time since I've posted... and I know I will hear it from some people ;)... but life has been crazy!

I feel like this past month has be a total whirlwind! To sum it all up:
Christmas- very fun! We went to 2 places Christmas eve, and we went 5 places Christmas Day. We enjoy that now but we are prepared for that to change the day we have kids! Our families were SO generous to us and we so appreciate everything!! Shannon and I bought a Wii for each other for Christmas, we love it! Shannon has definitely "bonded" more with his friends over Wii games!
Shannon and I both had off the whole week of Christmas and most of the week of New Years, boy were we spoiled when reality hit and off to work we went!
New years was fun, but it just flew by! Our good friends came over to ring in the new year with us.
We have been doing little projects in the house that turn out to be BIG projects! (another post on that later :))
One of my dear friends got engaged! YAY Becca!!
And I've had to face some challenges with my health... God has blessed me through that by giving me an amazing doctor that helped figure out what was wrong with me and he has me well on my way to getting better. God is faithful!

So there it is in a nutshell and I have more posts coming soon... lets just say God gave Shannon a knack for computers, not plumbing!


Cindy and Tay said...

You mean plumbing...don't you?
I guess his help won't be needed when one day I get my garb.disp. although I know Jeff won't do any better.

Heidi said...

Hey Krista... I hope that you're feeling better now than when you first posted this. (I found your blog through Cindy & Tay's. Hope you don't mind I'll add you to mine too!) take care! x♥x♥

Britani said...

Hey girl,
Back to blogggging! <3